I came to Rosalind with many questions about my marriage. I was in a broken place and needed clarity and I got it!!
She was able to speak to me in truth and love and most importantly, with Godly wisdom. She helped me identify my goals in my relationship with my husband along with tools to achieve my own personal goals as an individual. I am forever thankful for her service. She is authentic in her approach and Life Coaching is truly her God given gift and passion. I could not of come this far without her encouragement, gentleness and direction. She went above and beyond what I could ask for in a Coach. I am forever blessed and only wish I started using her sooner.


At Last I’m Free Life Coaching Services was a God send, when I needed this service the most.
Rosalind is a mental health therapist who integrates modern psychological techniques, coaching strategies and Godly practices that allow clients to dig deep and reflect spiritually and naturally. Rosalind listens intently and is able to reflect one’s inner feelings for clarity and purpose. At Last I”m Free Coaching Services allows clients to take a spiritual journey to allow the Lord to work miracles and sort out the most inner hurt.

I recommend ALIFCS to anyone who is seeking clarity and inner peace.